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PANAMA at Sub-Basement Studios
118 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD

Saturday March 31st through April 21, 2007 we are excited to unveil the art exhibition curated by Amy Sherald, “PANAMA: Paintings created in the Congo aesthetic traditions, today, developed and practiced at Taller Portobelo in Portobelo.” The exhibition invites 10 Panamanian artists to show at Sub-Basement Artist Studios, in Baltimore, MD.

These Panama natives are not only respected painters and sculptors, but are also performers of music and dance as well. The artists include: Virgilio “Yaneca”Esquina; Virgilio “Tito” Esquina; Gustavo Esquina de la Espada; Ariel “Pajarito” Jimenez; Manuel “Tatu” Golden; Reynaldo Esquina; Jose “Moraitho” Angulo; Sandra “La Bruja” Eleta; Fahamu Pecou and Arturo “Fuga-Fuga” Lindsay.

The exhibition will debut 40 paintings of artwork that reflect the Panamanian culture and history of the Congos. The Congos are descendants of Africans who liberated themselves from bondage through a series of wars fought against the Spanish crown during the colonial period in Panama. The artists will deliver a powerful compilation of artwork that commemorates the struggle and celebration of Panama’s heritage, while reflecting the rituals, spirituality, music, and dance, past and present.

This exhibition is proudly presented with our marketing partner OKORO DEVELOPMENT as part of its commitment to arts and education.

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