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4th Annual Transmodern Festival (Live.Art.Action)
Baltimore, MD – March 29th thru April 1st
Baltimore’s “Best Art Event” Returns for its Fourth Year

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The 4th annual Transmodern Festival (Live.Art.Action) will be held in Baltimore from March 29th through April 1st. This unique and critically acclaimed festival (deemed Baltimore’s “Best Art Event 2006” by the Baltimore City Paper) occurs across five locations in five days including Goucher College, Maryland Institute College of Art, Load of Fun Studios, Creative Alliance, and one day of site-specific performances at Wyman Park in Charles Village.

The 2007 festival features internationally renowned experimental performance, sound, and visual artists Nao Bustamante, Baraka de Soleil/ D UNDERBELLY, Center for Tactical Magic, Temple Crocker, Ijeoma & Oluyemi Thomas and many others.

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Transmodern Festival exhibitions, performances, and installations provide a rare and comprehensive glimpse into some of the world’s most radical contemporary artists. The artists presented in the festival defy traditional genres and embrace radical innovation through transmedia, clashes of organic vs. artificial intelligence, psychogeography, dislocation of consensus reality, real politic, and collective cultural action.

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Thursday, March 29th
Maryland Institute College of Arts, Brown Center, Falvey Theater presents the “Peter Zahorecz Memorial Film Night” featuring short experimental works by Nancy Andrews, Derek Jarman, Anna Hallin, Diertra Thompson and more.

Friday, March 30th
Load of Fun Studios presents a lively night of installation and performance work. Avant-garde installations with guided tours will transform the space from 8:00pm until 9:00pm with special un-announced “surprise performances.” Formal performances will begin on the 3rd floor at 9:00pm. Artists include: Michelle Nagai, Spoon Popkin, Lexie Mountain Boys, The Center for Tactical Magic, Fat Worm of Error, Marina Rosenfeld compositions, and more.

Saturday, March 31st
Creative Alliance presents festival headlining performances from critically acclaimed local and national artists Nao Bustamante, Baraka de Soleil /D UNDERBELLY, Temple Crocker, and Ijeoma and Oluyemi Thomas. Wendy Babcox’s SLAPDOWN!, a live female wrestling bout with accompanying rock band will close the show.

Sunday, April 1st
Sarada Conway orchestrates an afternoon in Wyman Park to remember. Participating artists include Wendy Clupper, Melissa Webb, Pamela Sunstrom, Sara Dierck and others.

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March 26th through April 27th
Opening Thursday, April 5th
Goucher College presents “Collaborate Now!” A gallery retrospective of Transmodern artists from the past and present including Laure Drogoul, Chiara Giovando, Audrey Chen, Lauren Bender, Denise Tassin, Erin Womack and many more.

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