Larry Scott, Baltimore Artist

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“Good, bad, you want to bring out whatever’s inside, not hide it.” -Larry Scott, speaking about his work.

I was very shocked to hear this week that local Baltimore artist Larry Scott passed away. He was a fixture in the Baltimore art scene, as well as a regular in the coffee bars of Charles Village. I saw him nearly every day. He had bright eyes and a wry sense of humor. We always talked about art related issues – he was very ambitious and was very successfull. I am just so very sorry about this.

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Touchet Gallery posted this in an email and I think they can say this better than I can:

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the recent passing of Larry Scott, one of Baltimore ‘s most celebrated artists, and one who has brought joy and inspiration to our gallery and our lives.

Larry passed away last Wednesday, November 7th. He is survived by his amazing wife, his children, and thousands of dedicated followers and admirers. He is well known in Baltimore for his prolific bodies of work that provided enigmatic views into his soul, while outwardly encouraging the viewer to find his or her own peace in the images. He has had a tremendous impact on all who have had the opportunity to meet him.

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Larry’s works have impressed all who have seen them at the gallery, and moved many people beyond words. The music within his works dances off of the canvas and into the soul. The movement of his lines and the energy in each stroke touch the viewer with unexpectedly emotional charge. We have been blessed in that we are able to participate in the process by helping to bring his astounding works into the view of the world.

This event marks an incredible loss for all of us, of a friend, a visionary, and a beautiful soul. We are forever changed by the life that he brought to us, and we will forever remember to pass that inspiration forward.

Larry, we will never forget you.”

On behalf of Touchet Gallery,

Patricia Touchet and Kim Suter

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Larry Scott was named “Best Artist” in 2005 by the Baltimore Citypaper. Here’s the statement:

“Most artists just rock one basic style, but former world karate champion Larry Scott gave the Baltimore art scene a solid kick in the pants earlier this summer with The Evolution of Depression, a massive show at Sub-Basement Artist Studios that showcased his incredibly chameleonic range with drawings, paintings, and mixed-media collage. And he’s probably the only artist in town who could command the gallery’s massive floor plan with a one-man show. Socially relevant on local and national levels, Scott’s often introspective, always arresting work deals with issues of race, intolerance, mental illness, and memory. Equally at ease with color and simple, spare India ink, he’s insanely prolific, driven, and endlessly innovative, while retaining a Zen-like demeanor. This New Jersey-raised megatalent might not be Baltimore-born, but we’re more than happy to claim him.” 9/21/2005 Baltimore CP

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