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OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, December 8, 2007, 6-9pm
Area 405, 405 East Oliver St.
December 8, 2007 through sometime in January, 2008

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room by Ed Istwan

Fourteen new black and white repeating patterns were designed for this exhibition and publication. Area 405 will be a showroom/exhibition space with each pattern installed on its own wall. A new Xeroxed book containing all of these patterns will be available for sale at the exhibition. With the book the owner can copy any of the patterns for their own surface covering. Artists: Dawn Bendick, Adeye Deresse, Liz Ensz, Kay Hwang, Ed Istwan, Nicola Knight, Andrew Liang, Michael Magnan, Jeffrey McGrath, Theo A. Rosenblum, Gina Tibbott, René Treviño, Bruce Willen, Hermonie Williams

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Kay Hwang

Xeroxable Wall Patterns was curated and edited by Gary Kachadourian. The book is a publication of Magazine Stand Baltimore, an outgrowth of the Baltimore Book Festival. For more info, go to

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