Natural Selection at MAP Friday February 29

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Brian Zeeger

Maryland Art Place is pleased to present Natural Selection, an exhibition produced in partnership with The Center for Emerging Visual Artists.
Jarrett Min Davis

Addressing the notion of natural selection, the artists in this exhibition grapple with issues of existence and evolution as seen in the natural world, our human experience, and the convergence of the two. The human experience and its implications question the basis for reality and relationship through genetics, family, memory, and the body. The natural world lives independently and in tandem with humanity—a complex relationship having been interpreted through science, mythology, and personal experience. These conflicted worlds exist in a vulnerable symbiosis.

Mark Khaisman

The artists investigate their individual relationships to evolution and metamorphosis through a diversity of mediums and engaging conceptual frameworks.They address our visceral existence in works involving their own hair, the human form, and organic materials. Constructing visual languages that synthesize elements in nature, the artists enliven new worlds of encoded color and form. By creating works that question human identity, they reveal complex relationships to ancestors, home, and gender. The works in this exhibition speak to the imprints, both temporary and permanent, that we leave on the human and natural worlds.

Participating artists include: Julia Blaukopf, Anne Canfield, Andrea Cote, Jarrett Min Davis, Lillian Bayley Hoover, Darla Jackson, Joelle Jensen, John Karpinski, Rafaelo Kazakov, Mark Khaisman, Jedediah Morfit, Matthew Neff, Caleb Nussear, Tara O’Brien, Serena Perrone, Binod Shrestha, Amy Stevens, Jeffrey Stockbridge, and Brian Zegeer.

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