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Sat May 24 ~TWO SHOWS!~ Baltimore’s neo-bulesque-vaudeville-funhouse scene blows up at The Patterson- sparking with spunk, verve and a wee bit of titillation. Greggy Glitterati hosts Glitterama, this full tilt Cavalcade o’Variety. Burlesque gems include: Sugar Ann Spice; An Amish Awakening by Shortstaxx; The Three Splooges; and Lil’ Dutch and Gary Gutter. Dawn Swartz collaborates with girl band The Degenerettes on a puppet-punk ode to ZZTop. Torchsinger Alisa Grundmann sings Weill; Cupcache sings about sugar; Mason Ross does awkward standup. Jehnna is a 21st century bellydancer; Noelle Powers is hula hooptastic; Mara Neimanis is an existential clown (scary!); and DJ Tyler Quinn vibrates your permalistic sightations. Oh yes, and don’t forget Greggy’s co-host Botoxa Woopsinflova, the plastic surgery disaster puppet! 2 SHOWS! 7 & 10pm. $12, $10 mbrs.

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