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Civilian Art Projects is pleased to announce two group exhibitions: “Screams & Screens” curated by Panache and “Process & Alchemy: New Directions & Alternative Processes in Screen-printing, Work from the Hand Print Workshop International.” An opening reception will be held Friday, June 27, 2008 from 7 – 9 pm. Both exhibitions are on view from June 27 until July 26, 2008.

This summer, the galleries at Civilian Art Projects will be overflowing with unique and distinct approaches to screen-printing. The artists curated by Panache – Bert Bergen, Alexander Campaz, Brian Chippendale, Rob Corradetti, Nat Damm, Sohale Darouian aka 333, El Jefe Design, E*Rock, Jesjit Gill, Gunsho, Kayrock & Wolfy, Jason Killinger, Planaria Design, Seripop, Urban Inks and Zeloot approach the print from an individual perspective, bringing to the work a unique “eye burner” aesthetic, a phrase used by Urban Inks, one of the design groups in the exhibition, as heard by the curator.

According to Panache, “the vibrant colors and bold contrasts compounded with multiple layers of patterns and screens, adds a discombobulating visual effect on the viewer. Each poster ‘pops’ or ‘screams’ out at you, and is unique from the next print because each one is individually produced through its own screening process. This creates a freedom in the work that lends the artist a medium that has no boundaries, limitations or defined lines. Hopefully making you stop and think or at least take a second glance at what’s in front of you and the world around you.”

PROCESS & ALCHEMY: New Directions & Alternative Processes in Screen-printing, Work from the Hand Print Workshop International

In the words of HPWI Director Dennis O’Neil, “powders, waxes, resists and adhesives are just part of the alchemy that has transformed collaborative screen printing and brought it back from the brink of extinction nearly a decade ago with a new face, new possibilities and challenges for a new age.”

Civilian is thrilled to curate a selection of works from the studio including prints by R. Martin Abeyta, Christine Carr, Andrey Chezhin, Alexander Djikia, James Huckenpahler, Erick Jackson, Alyona Kirtsova, Igor Makarevich, Pavel Makov, Renee Stout, Tomas Rivas, Alexander Rodchenko, and Leonid Tishkov.

About the Hand Print Workshop International

The Hand Print Workshop in Alexandria, Virginia is a non-profit collaborative screen print studio founded by artist Dennis O’Neil in 1973. HPWI is dedicated to experimental and innovative water based screen printing and screen print related projects with artists of talent and vision locally, nationally and internationally and sharing their work and ideas with the arts community of Washington in as many ways as possible.

EXHIBITION HOURS: Wednesday – Saturday / 2 to 6pm and by appointment / Closed July 4 & 5, 2008

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