Hidden and Revealed opens Friday, August 8 at MD Art Place

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Hidden and Revealed

July 29-September 6, 2008

Friday, Aug 8, 2008: Gallery Talk 6pm / Reception 7pm

Hadieh Shafie, 205812
“During the creative process, how does an artist decide what to hide and what to reveal? What images ultimately lie on and beneath the surface and how do they interact, if at all, with one another? Hidden and Revealed features six artists who layer content and/or image in their work and examines how they use this additive and subtractive process with a wide range of media.” -Peter Dubeau, curator
Participating artists include: Michael Iampieri, Kevin Kepple, Dean Kessmann, Michelle La Perriere, Randi Reiss-McCormack, and Hadieh Shafie.
image by Kevin Kepple
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