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A selection of garbage from Denise Tassin’s vast collection.

Celebrating the innate creativity that comes with being human…

‘The Art of Collecting’
Reception :: Thursday, February 5, 4:30-6:30pm
Gormley Gallery at College of Notre Dame of Maryland

How our accumulation of stuff takes on meaning and says things about who we are. Selections from artist Denise Tassin’s vast collections of objects and materials, and featuring student artists: Sebastien Arbona, Rachael Atherholt, Barbara Bailey, Michael Bennett, Kathleen Boehl, Kalli Bouloubassis, Anne Carnes, Paige Chaffee, Diana Colbert, Kaitlin DaGrava, Kelly Dash, Julia DePaul, Sarah Diver, Trish Dobson, Amber Doby, Wes Dow, Tyler Grason, Colleen Halligan, Rachel Howard, Andrea Hunt, Nicole Jackson, Jacquelyn Kaufman, Garrett Kelly, Ajay Leister, Katy Lloyd, Hing Mai, Ana Martin, Donna Novak, Lauren Scott-Smith, Rachel Silver, Lauren Straughn, Diem Tran, Jenna Tyrangel

And students from: Daniel Page’s “Music and Art as Craft” class at University of Baltimore and Cara Ober’s “Design 1” class at Loyola College

This is the installation my Design classes made at Loyola college!

Art on Purpose, an organization dedicated to using art to bring people together around issues and ideas, is presenting 9 exhibitions in 2009 featuring art by Denise Tassin alongside works by hundreds of students from 13 Baltimore area colleges and universities. Join us in exploring the innate creativity that comes with being human! Visit for more information.

Assemblage by Denise Tassin

‘I Remember Mama’
Reception :: Thursday, February 5, 4:30-6:00pm
Loyola/Notre Dame Library

Join us at 5:30pm as Goucher student choreographers and dancers Hillary Hoffman and John Hoobyar perform Grounds for Play, a duet in which they adopt the attitude of two children at play. Art and objects tinged with nostalgia, harkening back to childhood memories we all can relate to. The exhibition features a selection of small sculptures and constructions by Denise Tassin, and work by student artists: Olivia Ady, AnaEliza Alvarez, Elyza Brillantes, Shana Buckholtz, Daniel Calhoun, Kelsey Connolly, Garrett Culver, Jessica Devlin, Alexandra Dundie, Eleanor Farley, Lilli Fisher, Charles Franklin, Corey Glasgow, Pearl Hood, Tiffany Jones, Esther Park, Clare Piet, Nicole Nash, Richard Rabeau, Abby Rehfuss, Andrea Reneau, Danielle Rosenheck, Amy Rudolph, Kaitlin Schrote, Heather Stapf, Katie Waterworth, and Rich Wickham
Join us for the first featured exhibitions – February 5, 2009!

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