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RESPOND, at Goucher College’s Rosenberg Gallery is Laura Amussen’s latest curatorial effort. Bringing together four artists who do site-specific installation, RESPOND gives each the opportunity to react to the slightly awkward and lobby-ish space that is the Rosenberg Gallery. An excellent and square catalog, below, is available to the public for free with the show.

John Shipman’s wall painting, which expresses personal sentiments in image and text.

John Shipman and his wife, who inspired the piece. How’s that for a Valentine?
Curator Laura Amussen, Christine Tillman, Rachel Sitkin, and Alex Ebstein.
Christine Buckton Tillman’s skirt matches her paintings. As you can see, she is a whiz with faux wood grain.
Tillman’s bubbley, fizzy wall painting includes colored ink and aplique wood grain. In spots, it appears to grow out of the real wood shelf which lines the wall.

Across from Christine Tillman’s wall, Stuart Stein’s drawings echo into a video projection and in prints.

Artist Stuart Stein with his video projection and Digital ‘Drawings’ on the wall. I know they are a combination of drawing, collage, montage, and probably lots of other stuff. They were printed, but, from a distance read like pristine graphite drawings. So we’ll just refer to them as drawings, if that is allright.

Stuart Stein

Heidi Neff’s Ceiling Painting – Helecopters at Night. Pretty Awesome. Heidi – how did you escape my camera? You had on great yellow tights and you matched your paintings.

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