Patterns of Obsession at Gallery Imperato March 20

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Gallery Imperato is pleased to announce Patterns of Obsession, a three-person show that brings into light the visual and behavioral patterns of each individual artist. On display will be Dana Reifler Amato’s luminous, three-dimensional drawings, Chris Bathgate’s precision made, metal sculptures, and Matthew Kern’s mixed media Polaroid collages.

March 20, 2009 – May 2, 2009 / Opening Reception: March 20, 7-10pm

Dana Reifler Amato’s multi layered drawings are made using architectural paper, oil bar, graphite, gold paint pen, cut paper and gold leaf. Always obsessed with the action of cutting, pinning, constructing and deconstructing, this artist seems to be at constant unrest. Her most recent creations deal with architecture and holy spaces. Abstracted and simplified forms explore cathedrals, naves, transepts and other structures. Curved grids and repetitious line work have become trademarks.

Imagine Chris Bathgate’s work on steroids and you’ll get an idea of what this ambitious sculptor has been up to. The new work is massive in comparison to the pint-sized creations we’ve seen in the past. His methods parallel that of a lab scientist, inventor or mathematician. Years of experimentation and problem solving have resulted in larger sculptures and bigger ideas. This self-taught mechanist has perfected his craft.

Matthew Kern uses a vintage Polaroid SX70 camera as the primary tool for creating his photo collages. He peels each photograph from its encasement and alters the images through a variety of applications. He compulsively etches into the emulsion and applies markings using charcoal, pencil, ink transfers, markers, paint and other materials. Fixing the individual images together in a grid format is a clear signature of his work. The end result is an intriguing photo collage that exudes sophistication.

Gallery Imperato
921 E. Fort Ave. Suite 120
Baltimore, MD 21230

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