Club Bollywood: The Contemporary Museum’s 20th Anniversary Party

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The following are photos from the Bollywood Party – The Contemporary Museum’s 20th Anniversary Party, which was a lot of fun and featured AMAZING decorations and clothing, which my photos do not do justice…

Erin Cluley and Zoe Charlton
Cassandra Kapsos-Scouten and myself
Amy Raehse shows off her sari.
Zoe Charlton, Costas Grimaldis, and myself
Tents, couches, tapestries, silk pillows…
Trying to get the dance floor started.

Lydia Kenselaar and Mike Fila
Pamela Berman, President of the Board of Trustees says a few words.
Irene Hofmann, Executive Director of the Contemporary Museum looks smashing in teal and gold.
George Ciscle, John Ruppert, and Carla Dunlap
Sofia Silva and Bernhard Hildebrandt
Irene Hofmann and founding director George Ciscle enjoy a seranade from Joyce Scott, pictured below.

Joyce is a serious comedian… and her singing voice is good, too.
A coordinated blowing out of the candle.
And Irene and George cut the cake together. Cute.
A few words of thank you from Irene
George Ciscle and Flora Choi
The fancy cake, made by Charm City Cakes.
Audrey Collins Petrich
Finally, the dancers take over the floor.

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