Photos from Functionless Form/ Functional Decor at School 33

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At School 33, a wallpaper-and-decor-lover’s dream! This show was juried by DC’s Philippa Hughes and is a terrifically crafted, fun and sassy show. It features the work of Chiara Keeling, Angelo Arnold, Allison Reimus, and Shannon Donovan. This show is definitely worth seeing!

“The works in this exhibit reconsider the questions of art as décor, and décor as art. These four artists consider their creative output and its relevance to space, aesthetic, and taste. They perceive and appreciate the prospective place in which their artwork will reside. Like the pop artists, they remove familiar from its context and isloate the objects to provide contemporary interpretations and definitions of fine art.”

Wallpaper and Ceramic Installation by Shannon Donovan

Upholstered scupture by Angelo Arnold

Sewn and applique paintings on wall fabric by Chiara Keeling
Painting by Allison Reimus

Shannon Donovan and School 33 Curator Rene Trevino

Art Bloggers Rule!
Chiara Keeling and Philippa Hughes in front of Keeling’s work

Rachel Sitkin Marks and Allison Reimus
Artist Angelo Arnold surrounded by Rose Courville and hubby
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