Big News! MAP’s Suzi Cordish Named Next Chairman of the Board at Creative Capital

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Cara: How and when did you become involved with Creative Capital?

Suzi: I got involved with Creative Capital in 2006 — after attending a few events with grantees and other supporters I was quickly enthralled. I am continually inspired by our artists and their extraordinary work, and am thrilled to take on the Board Chair role as we launch our second decade.

Cara: What has been your role and involvement with this organization? What are some of the highlights from your experiences?

Suzi: I have been on the board at Creative Capital for three years, spearheading fundraising initiatives and participating in events with the artists and other supporters from coast to coast. The highlights for me are being with the artists at events or during their performances and exhibitions. Most notably, each grantmaking year we hold an Artist Retreat, bringing together more than 250 grantees and experts in the field to hear from our artists and exchange ideas. The artists’ presentations never cease to amaze everyone in the audience. To be in a room with some of the most brilliant minds working today is exhilarating.

Cara: How is Creative Capital different than many other arts grant-making institutions? What makes Creative Capital special and unique?

Suzi: Creative Capital has long been recognized as a visionary arts organization, and its pioneering model of support has greatly influenced the cultural and philanthropic worlds. We are the only national grantmaking and artist service organization supporting all disciplines with an open application process. Our unique model of support is built on the core principle that time and advisory services are as crucial to artistic success as funding. We work with artists throughout the life of their projects to provide funding, counsel, and career development services—we help them every step of the way, building individual capacity to ensure their success well beyond the grant cycle. We become invested in our artists and projects unlike any other organization.

Cara: In January 2010, you will step up as President of the Board of Creative Capital. Congratulations! How will your leadership role affect the direction of this institution? What do you see as the direction, focus, and scope of the future of Creative Capital?

Suzi: I am absolutely honored to take on this position. The future brings both great promise and great challenge as we launch our second decade in the current economy, and I look forward to expanding our network of support in the years to come. The role of the arts is so important in times of great change, and we have exciting plans for the expansion of our programs and the exploration of new models of support in the years to come.

Cara: What suggestions do you have for artists who would like to be involved with Creative Capital? In what ways can artists located in Baltimore participate and benefit from this program?

Suzi: Think big. We support the most innovative and adventurous ideas in the field, projects that blend media, genres, and new technologies to produce works that tackle today’s most critical social issues. And don’t give up. Nearly 40 percent of our artists apply more than once before becoming grantees. We have artists working in every discipline from all corners of the country, and we want Baltimore artists on that list! Artists can learn more about how to apply by visiting the web site (

About Creative Capital: Creative Capital is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing innovative and adventurous projects in five disciplines: Emerging Fields, Film/Video, Innovative Literature, and Performing and Visual Arts. Working in long-term partnership with artists, Creative Capital’s pioneering approach to support combines funding, counsel, and career development services to enable a project’s success and foster a successful and sustainable practice for its grantees. In its first decade, Creative Capital has committed more than $20 million in financial and advisory support to 325 projects representing 406 artists, and has reached an additional 2,700 artists through its Professional Development Program.

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