We Saw This, So Should You: Readymade@100 at the Katzen Art Center

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Curated by artist, art theorist, and Corcoran College of Art and Design professor Mark Cameron Boyd, Readymade@100 celebrates the 100th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s readymade concept. This juried exhibition includes contemporary artist’s submissions of “new” readymades that significantly expand upon Duchamp’s originary idea, thus celebrating Duchamp’s vision and developing the concept.

At the Katzen Art Center at American University from September 6 through October 19, 2014

Allison Yasukawa “Limp” 2014
Andrew Simmons “Cure for Human Suffering” 2014
Angela Smalls “Silver Raindrops” 2014
Frank Fishburne “God” 2012
Anne Mourier “My First Bra” 2014
Bill Conger “Deepest,Darkest” 2013
Chris Chernow “Tensions” 2014
Christian Meade “Smith” 2013
Cody Arnell “Two Shovels Bolted Together” 2010
Eric Parnes “PersianSpring” 2014
Jackie Hoysted “Mix’n Match” 2014
James Cole “Bidet” 2014
Joyce Zipperer “Stamp” 2014
Lasse Antonsen “Panacea” 2006
Lila Snow “Hats Off To Marcel” 1980
Olga Alexander “McCall’s Block and Lot #4620” 2013
Readymade@100 AU Katzen Center
Rebecca Hirsh “The Rake’s Progress” 2012
Rodolphe Delaunay “Delay(II)” 2013
Travis Childers “StapleShirt” 2012
Wendy Ross “Woven Dream” 2001

Photographer Susan Ren grew up in Columbia, MD (where she often felt misplaced) and graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (where she felt only a little less misplaced). She is now a Baltimore-based visual artist, photographer, writer, cat lover, and DIY-enthusiast in a city that feels right.

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