The Internet Is Exploding: 10 Must-See Election Memes This Week

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This week the internet was, predictably, all about the election. I greatly limited the amount of time I was online and the media I consumed this week. The best thing about this week-long election—called on Saturday for Biden—are the memes. The highlights from this week are some of the memes, tweets, and small moments that I’ve been able to laugh at, smile at, and find joy in. 

1. Instagram: Melania Trump

This might be the meme I have looked at the most this week and I die every time. 



2. Twitter: CNN the last 24 hours

I haven’t been watching the news and only see short clips online, but this seems accurate. The Charlie Day memes about this are also great! 



3. Instagram: Why it’s taking so long to count

There are so many that are so good. I could have included so many more on this list. 



4. Twitter: Count Von Count

I’ve seen this meme, or some version of it, in so many places and on so many accounts! The Count is a formidable enemy.



5. Twitter: Nevada counting ballots

The accuracy of this is undeniable. 



6. Instagram: Stacey Abrams and Mail-In Ballots

I saw this meme before the election was called and it was as spot-on then as it is now. While Biden has been proclaimed the winner, a celebration of Trump’s loss must not preclude us from holding the president-elect, Harris, this country, and ourselves accountable for necessary changes that must be made to end white supremacy and create an equitable country. 

It should also be noted that while Stacey Abrams is being held up as the hero for Georgia’s voter turnout for her hard work registering voters, her work builds upon and is in conjunction with many organizers and organizations



7. Twitter: Michigan

As someone who grew up in Michigan, currently lives in the state, has always voted in the state, and is an avid Avatar fan, this hit a little too close to home.



8. Instagram: The Avengers

This is not my favorite meme, but there have been A LOT of Avengers memes. I love the Avengers, and this is probably my favorite of this particular genre. 



9. Huffington Post: Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Gritty Is The U.S. Election Mascot We Need And Deserve

There are honestly too many amazing memes of Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers Mascot, to pick just one. Thankfully this list was compiled so I didn’t have to choose. 



10. Twitter: @d_l_mayfield on Trump losing

How everyone who wanted Trump to lose feels right now.


A few extra bonus memes and videos from our team…


Trump, You About to Lose Yo Job by @Meena on Tiktok


Who Will Win the Presidential Cup?

Header image: via @alicelfc4 on Twitter.

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