MdHS Curatorial Assistant Emily Bach searches for the stories in textiles

On any given day, curatorial assistant Emily Bach could be restoring a quilt from the collection, writing object condition reports, or conducting research on a new donation.

Led by materials and natural curiosity, Cheng's interdisciplinary practice is ever-evolving

For Cheng, the environment of the interdisciplinary studio, simulated in art school by classroom work time and interaction with the students, is the most important.

"My work rides a fine line between fine art and craft, if such a line exists."

Rosa Leff's self-taught paper-cutting practice began at her dining room table

For Carroll—a regular contributor to BmoreArt—contemporary writing about Black artists has to move past tokenism

"The canon has purposely left out certain creatives and we’re trying to rectify that. Let’s not see this moment as a trend."

Tiffany Jones talks community art, motherhood, and the honesty of Baltimore's art scene

"I feel like the city wouldn't be what it is without its artists or creative people."

The artist discusses her career so far, doing her sisters’ hair, and the contemporary figure painters who inspire her. 

Painter Monica Ikegwu’s goal is to take “ordinary people and make them into art in the ordinary clothes that they're wearing.

A Studio Visit with the 2019 23-year-old Sondheim Prize Winner

Brown’s installation and photography work, which asks her audience “to confront race and identity in modern terms,” challenges some viewers to recognize microaggressions they may not have previously considered.

The challenges of being a good boss, James’ impressive sock collection, and what it takes to give a show that little something extra to make it truly resonate with the public

Thomas James sees curating as putting the works of different artists together in fresh combinations, creating new contexts and providing new inroads to the public to review.

Nicoletta de la Brown takes care of herself so no one else has to. The shaman, self-care enthusiast, and performance artist is a master of all things ritual bathing, meditation, ...

Artist, Educator, Curator, Activist, and Member of the Lumbee Nation

“Amongst our people, education is a real value, because we haven’t always had easy access to it.”

Nick Primo spends his days measuring: how long it’s going to take on a given day to commute from Baltimore to his day job in Smithsonian American Art Museum’s (SAAM) ...

Victoria Pass recommends you stop buying cheap shoes. The MICA professor of visual culture has built her own impressive shoe collection over the last 15 years, buying only a pair ...

Damon Arhos is a little obsessed with a particular shade of lavender. The hue appears again and again in his art, functioning, he explains, as a shorthand for the gayness ...

Mary Fissell is relatively new to this. A long-time professor of 17th- and 18th-century English history at Johns Hopkins University, Fissell is also a metalworker, primarily making wearable and nonwearable ...

Carlyn Thomas has 200 songs in the notes app on her phone, should she find herself under the aging disco balls of Baltimore’s beloved dives on a random Tuesday or ...

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