Critical Review

Critical Review

Current’s "Crip Algebra" and the Calculus of Accessibility

An international group show explores disability and networks of care. The exhibition closes this Sunday, June 4 with an artist talk and reception from 3 to 5 PM.

History Beyond the Keeping of Time

Duffield’s clocks helped to support the Protestant notion that one should always be doing, rather than simply being. And in that sense, he was an early architect of our own 24/7 culture, with its similar emphasis on the value of constant productivity.

Frieze's Move to Hudson Yards isn't Just a Faux Pas—It's Lending Cultural Cachet to the Right Wing

Who is behind this genius work of boundary-busting relational aesthetics? That would be Related Companies, a real estate behemoth that controls a staggering $60 billion worth of property and was founded by former tax attorney Stephen Ross, a friend and fundraiser to Donald Trump.

An Uneven Edition Demonstrates New Models of Financial Sustainability, but also the Necessity of Curators

Never have I ever felt more like Thora Birch’s character in "Ghost World" rolling her eyes in mandatory summer school art class than in gallery number 3...

A Welcome Tradition in the Making

“My initial hope was to bring people to Waverly, highlighting the fact that we have tons of authors, creatives, writers, and book vendors right here in the community,” Diana Emerson, the executive director of Waverly Main Street and one of the festival’s organizers, said.

"Compensation for Loss" Historicizes our Present at America's Oldest Museum

An examination of ecology in this current moment in human history, filtered through the lens of artistic and historical pastiche at the Peale

A Seductive Rehang Maps a Continent's Diverse Influences

Wondering what lay beyond, say, the borders of the ancient Roman Empire or the reach of colonial France?

"Rocks and Hard Places" Brings Mature Work by Pat Alexander and Kevin Labadie to Nascent Arting Gallery

Baltimore's Newest Art Gallery presents Significant Work by Two Artists Married for Several Decades

In "Echoes," Two Artists Dialogue through Repetition and the Evocative Possibilities of Abstraction

Lauded in the gallery literature as two artists who “tell tales of material sensibility,” in this debut, the artists occupy opposite poles of an unconsciously related and serendipitous spectrum.

Two Exhibitions Featuring Women Push Materials to Healing Ends

DISordered Systems at Towson University presents four artists with a focus on environmental connections, while Soft Tissues at Brentwood Arts Exchange's Lab Gallery showcases three Washington-based artists who probe fragility and perseverance through fiber arts.

Hip Hop Inspired Art, Fashion, and Photography on display at the Baltimore Museum of Art

The BMA's New Exhibit Explores the Trajectory and Impact of Quintessential American Culture

The Senegalese Artist presents coded dreamscape where textures are exaggerated and warm colors are turned way up to highlight melanin

Omar Ba’s first American museum show, Political Animals, closes this Sunday the 2nd of April, marking the Baltimore institution’s latest exhibition celebrating artists of underrepresented demographics. 

Art Jewelers Tackle Contemporary Reproductive Rights with Ancient Forms

In Plan B, currently on view at the Rebecca Myers Gallery at Cross Keys through the end of March, artists and jewelers address contemporary reproductive politics using a form from ancient pottery: the Greek amphora.

The Baltimore-Based, Media-Mixing Artist Defies Expectations at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum

In Randi Reiss-McCormack’s gritty, graceful work, there’s wild, yet carefully choreographed dance.

A Review of 'Called to Create' at the National Gallery of Art

Highlighting 40 new acquisitions and the power of potential.

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