Studio Visit

Studio Visit

Love Groove Festival Founder and City Connect Changemaker on His Multi-Faceted Approach to Producing Music and Empowering Community

At 24 years old, Tyler is a prolific musician, producer, and festival organizer.

How the Painter Embarks Upon the Physical and Psychological Cosmos

Like his artwork, Alli offers a glimpse into the boundless potential of the human imagination.

How do we talk about liberty and injustice honestly, intertwined with aspects of race and gender in America?

Liberty & Injustice features labor-intensive, clever, immersive works of art that captivate and inform.

Meet the artist whose vibrant murals feel like inhaling pure color

Erenberg’s paintings animate their urban surroundings and seem to breathe themselves.

Nigerian-American Photographer and Video Artist Examines the Multiplicities of Presence

Chuks places particular emphasis on the past/present and individual/community; his dynamic portraits are synchronous explorations of self and subject.

Studio Visits with Songyhun Moon, Shruti Balasubramanian, Sara Austin, Ashton Phillips, and Arson Navarro

Learn more about recent MA and MFA Graduates from MICA's Mount Royal School of Art, MA in Graphic Design (MAGD), MFA in Graphic Design (GDMFA), Studio Art Summer Low-Residency MFA (MFAST), and Photography + Media & Society

The Illustrator, Printmaker, and Visual Storyteller Invites Metamorphosis and the Itch to Play

Kumar’s intricate and varied artistic/academic background is reflected in her wide-ranging practice. She says she finds art particularly exciting when it functions as a tool for “reinvention.”

Interview with Navid Sarfaraz of Syndicate Screen Printing

In this interview, Navid shares his journey from being homeless to discovering screen printing and turning it into a career. He talks about his passion for the artform and the satisfaction of bringing people's ideas to life.

Chef Chris Amendola’s Edible Storytelling

To forage food in the natural landscape of a forest, or to crystalize salt from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, is simply a chore, but to serve it on a plate in a restaurant centered around the mission—is narrative art.

How the artist balances athletic, energetic personal work with a bustling creative business

Walker hitchhiked to Baltimore at age 18 and fell in love with the architecture and culture of the city immediately.

A studio visit between art educators/artists Linda Popp and Karen Carroll

After four decades working in Baltimore County art education, Linda Popp focuses on her art, investigating relationships and the concept of time and place through mixed media.