The Internet is Exploding

The Internet is Exploding

Highlights: Gladys Bentley, ‘Blurred Lines”, Jonathan Majors, Trump’s indictment, banning TikTok, Canada’s dark legacy, Disney vs. DeSantis, Angela White, RuPaul x Build-A-Bear, and Chloë’s debut. 

There was a lot of news this week!

Highlights: Ozempic, tattoos, lost time, spring love songs, hip-hop’s elegy, the Black Trans Advocacy Conference, a frog, living with leopards, art crimes, and Trump for prison. 

There was a lot happening on the internet this week.

Highlights: Azealia Banks, Law Roach, John Cotter on sound, cosmic burials, a FedSoc judge, Olayemi Olurin, Amber J. Phillips on the Oscars, Deloris Ja’A’Ja baker, Ja Morant, and the banks. 

The internet was good, but also a little shocking, this week.

Highlights: Terence Nance and Solange, Kelela, Jane Miller on life, learning from plants, saving pufflings, long live induction stoves, anti-trans legislation, Alice Walker, and Chris Rock.

I was excited by the internet this week!

Highlights: IMDb, bad projectors, Giancarlo Esposito, De La Soul, head injuries, the woes of skiing, Alex Murdaugh, land-grab universities, capping insulin, and the Selena Gomez-Haley Bieber drama

The internet was a lot this week.

Highlights: Angels of the Nile, the importances of hanging out, the US railroad industry, Chris Brown, rap’s carefree Black girls, Little Simz, Ariana DeBose, Janelle Monáe wins at basketball, and Fannita isn’t giving back that Pyrex.

The internet was insightful, but also FUNNY this week.

Highlights: NYT Contributors’ Letter, Angela Bassett, Nia Long, Solange, Rihanna, Justina Miles, ‘Woke,’ “burnout,” our memory archives, and slime mold. 

This week was too much.

The only Black swim team, LeBron James breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record, U Conn loses, the Grammys messed up, documentaries, the reality of imposter syndrome, the killing business, the State of the Union, and an earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The internet had me a little mad this week.

Highlights: Black History Month, Pyer Moss, Kenya Barris, book banning, AP Courses, Ilhan Omar, George Santos, reading the internet, awe, and the Dallas Zoo. 

It's Black History Month!!!

Highlights: remembering Tyre Nichols, Tortuguita, Olayemi Olurin, Inner Hoe Uprising, Kraft macaroni and cheese, fixing violins, Derek Guy, Chloë’s ‘Pray It Away,' Beyoncé in Dubai, and BuzzFeed leans into AI.

The internet was increasingly difficult to be on this week, and I don’t think next week will be any better.

Highlights: The Sculpture™, the power of blond, Mindy Kaling, fat-shaming your girlfriend, jelly time, animals are giving up, tech and media layoffs, and ChatGPT.

This week was all about The Sculpture™.

Highlights: Prince Harry, nepo babies, depicting Muhammad, an archive of menus, considering the nautilus, Gwen Stefani, trees and old-growth grasslands, Israel bans the Palestinian flag, Born-Alive bills, and Andrew Tate. 

The Internet was everywhere and nowhere this week.

It is that time of year again. It is time for a list of lists.

“Nothing good has happened in a while. I seriously can’t remember anything memorable other than things going to shit. The only good things are people/s reactions to those things.”

Highlights: Dave Chappelle and Elon Musk, Twitter bans journalists, Megan Thee Stallion in court, Hood Rave LA, Video Vixens, Little Simz’s NO THANK YOU, and the cutthroat tactics of the NY Christmas Tree trade.

The Internet was a hot mess this week.

Highlights: Brittney Griner freed, Palestine wins the World Cup, the New School strike, SZA, Julia Bullock, Trevor Noah leaves The Daily Show, the art market, AI art, and the evolution of the thylacoleo

The Internet was all Wowwowwow this week!

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