• 3 Hour Linoleum Printmaking Art Class
• Self-Carved Linoleum Print Blocks to Take Home
• 10 Self-Printed Cards to Stamp and Take Home with Envelopes
• All Tools and Materials Needed to Create your Own Lino Blocks
• Themed Stencils and Templates to Help Create Your Blocks
• Bubbly and Chocolates <3
• BYOB welcome
• 10% Discount on Night Owl Gallery purchase made that night

TIME: 6:30 PM – ~9:30 PM
note: please arrive 10-15 minutes early for check-in and set-up

Linoleum Printmaking, or Linocut, is a printmaking technique in which a design is cut into the surface of a linoleum block with a sharp knife, V-shaped chisel, or gouge, with the uncut areas representing a mirror image of the art to be printed. The linoleum block is then inked with a roller and impressed onto paper. Using these blocks and ink, you can create greeting cards, stationary, wall-art, or any other stamping application!

We will be learn a new craft and create printed masterpieces and take-home linoleum blocks for future use! First, we’ll get a demonstration of how to work with the tools and materials used in creating these one-of-a-kind prints. We’ll pick out or sketch our designs. We’ll then transfer our designs on to our blocks. Next, we will test out our new skills on a small tester block. After getting a feel for the tools, we’ll carve up a 4″ x 6″ linoleum block fit for creating our masterpieces. Samples will be available for inspiration and our stencils can be used for you to create unique art – or bring your own designs and ideas! After creating our linocuts, we’ll break out the ink and specialized rollers and get to printing! Different shades of red and black and white cards and inks will be available to keep with the theme.

As part of this class, you will receive a take-home linoleum block for you to create your own ‘mini printing presses’, use of all materials to create these blocks, and 10 quality cards and ink to print your beautiful Valentine’s! Aprons and gloves will be available. It’s a good idea to wear clothes that you may not mind getting ink on.

Join us for this special event to tap into your creative side and release your inner artist.

Seating is very limited. First come, first served. Reserve your space now!

(***Depending on timing, cards may require additional dry time. We’re happy to hold them until they can be picked up.)

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