We cannot wait to celebrate these brilliant young playwrights!

Please join us for the Young Playwrights Festival and come see the work of a future generation of theater-makers!

This virtual event will feature readings of our selected plays with introductions from the playwrights themselves. The event will be live-streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The Young Playwrights Festival is our longest running learning program that encourages expression and creativity in students across the state. Playwrights in grades K-12 submit their short plays, and each year six are chosen to be produced by Baltimore Center Stage.


The Earthlings
By Sarah Nelson, 12th Grade, Dulaney High School

Vacation Complication
By The Happy, Cool 2-3 Crew: Arden Bailey, Tristan Campbell, Amaris Dialo, Jules Gerring, Sandra Gilmore, Ashanti Johnson, Lameia Johnson, Davient Ladson, Khloe Mangrover, Nakiah Mattison, Samuel Owens, Drew Seldon, Rylee Solomon, and Milik-Yakov Williams, 2nd & 3rd Grade, Child First Authority Summer Program at Dr. Bernard Harris Elementary School

By Noelle Young-Davis, 11th Grade, Baltimore School for the Arts

Lost Property
By Ronan Guilfoyle, 10th Grade, The Community School

The Discovery of a New Planet
By Isaiah Owens, Payton West, Tyler Dorsey, Xavier Buchanan, and Milan Burley, 5th Grade, Empowerment Academy

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200: A Murder Mystery
By Deep Creek Middle Drama Club: Sumyah Jacobs, Aniyah Dangerfield, AaShyah de Vires, Carlita Church, Jason Emmanuel, Sarah Francisco, Elijah Kurtkya, Akeelah Washington, Carter Mills-Franklin, My’Kelle Carter, Monique Franklin, Reuben George, Brandon McMurrin, Jade Lawrence, Kirsten Tyler, Ty’Liah Green, Shakiyah, and Makayla Powell, Mixed Middle School, Deep Creek Middle School

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