Transformer is honored to announce A Good Recluse is Hard to Find, an exhibition of artworks by London based artist Steve Dore. This exhibition delves into the intricacies of the human experience, where the duality of humor and sadness intersect with the complexities of social life. Through mixed media collage, Dore metaphorically mirrors the fragmented nature of our existence and highlights the thin line between horror & humor we experience within our lifetimes.

Steve Dore is a self-taught American artist residing in London, England. He became involved with art by making flyers and record covers for local punk rock bands in his native state of Connecticut. This experience led to further explorations into the visual world informed by a decidedly underground and homemade aesthetic. Music also informs Dore’s intuitive approach, which is most notable in his involvement with Washington, DC based band The Casual Dots. Unencumbered by any traditional training in the art world, Dore has developed his own particular style through experimentation with various mediums, and a healthy sense of irreverence and humor.

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