Join the artists featured in the museum’s online exhibition Ancestors Know Who We Are  for a discussion about Black-Native identity and its expression through art. Participating artists are Joelle Joyner (African American and Kauwets’a:ka [Meherrin] descent); Moira Pernambuco (African and Amerindian [Wapishana]); Paige Pettibon (Black, Salish, and white descent); Monica Rickert-Bolter (Prairie Band Potawatomi, Black, and German); and Storme Webber (Alaskan Sugpiaq [Alutiiq] and Black descent). Amber Starks, aka Melanin Mvskoke (Black/Muscogee Creek), moderates, with introductions by exhibition curator Anya Montiel (Mexican and Tohono O’odham descent).

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Image: Moira Pernambuco (African and Amerindian [Wapishana], b. 1969), Troy, 1995.

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