Class 1:

Jasmin Manning: The Art of Painting Skin Tones

This 50 min hands-on course guides the participant in
1) how to mix oil paint
2) How to create actual skin tones
3)How to create a basic portrait

Suggested Supplies:

* Oil Paint – Colors Needed => * Burnt Umber * Raw Umber * Burnt Sienna * Yellow Ochre * Black * White * Alison Crimson or Cadmium

* Canvas ( Flat or Stretched ) * Medium Flat or Round Brush * Pallete (Paper plate or Plastic Pallete) * Gamsol ( To clean brush ) * Plastic Disposable Cup * Rag

Class 2:

Josh Brooks; The Basics of Portraiture

A hand loosening exercise that trains the eye, teaching the artists to understand that shapes that exist within the human body. Part 2 of this lesson deals with understanding the anatomical human proportions and the general size and shape of the human form.

Take aways: Loosen the hand, train the eye and learn the geometry of the body.

Suggested Supplies:

* Straight Edge Ruler * Pencils * Eraser * Drawing Paper * Mirror

Class 3:

Jose Ramon Santiago; Mixed Medium/ Basquiat Style

This class entails using the basic concepts of drawing. The study of color applications, lines and the aspects of creating art without boundaries. Teaching art using the theory of freedom, being expressive in your creativity and understanding that there is no wrong way in art. Freedom through expression.

Suggested Supplies:


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