Described as the Wu-Tang Clan of Baltimore’s art scene, “Art In The Hands Of Men” is a collective of premiere talent from various disciplines. The exhibit, curated by Shawn Holmes, will place emphasis on the duality in nearly every piece of art in the exhibit and is reflective of the duality of man; it is through duality that we are unified.

Important Dates:
3/11 4-7pm Opening Reception
3/18 6-9 pm Artist Talk Black Genius Art and Carpet Clothing Co
3/25 6-9 pm Artist Talk: Shug and Eric Briscoe
4/1 2-3:30 Youth Workshop
4/8 4-7 pm Artist Talk:
4/15 & 4/22 The Curator will be available for exhibit tour
4/25 7-10 pm Motor House Artist Talk Series: Art In The Hands Of Men Curator Shawn Holmes

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