eramic artists are at the heart of Baltimore Clayworks. Artists are at the center of the mission of Baltimore Clayworks, and provide the organization with talent and innovation to inspire our community and to enliven the artistic impact of ceramics in our region. Their professional and personal networks provide a kaleidoscope of interactions with peers, galleries, and academic institutions, which keep the organization at the forefront of contemporary ceramic art.

Artist Statement

The body sits beside the vessel, art sits beside craft, beauty sits beside the grotesque, my work sits between. The sculptures’ ambiguous shapes create a constant re-examining, and allow one to become familiar with ideas of “the other”. Obsessive repetition creates these forms. Repetition breaks with careful moments that emanate soft sensuality. The forms created are creature-like and are symbols of movement and life.

I implement abstracted characteristics of the human body, plants, bacteria, and geological systems. Through form, scale, surface, and context I create voluptuous pieces that invite physical touch, evoking analogy to the human body and other organic forms. I am interested in creating ambiguous bodies which are simultaneously familiar yet different.

The atmospheric environment of the wood fire highlights and enhances characteristics of beauty and context within the form. The unpredictability of an atmospheric firing creates a soft and luscious tactility that compliments the sensual beauty of each piece I create. The unifying thread running through my work is: to be engaged with form and space through movement.

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