About the event:

q: is it that thing that you hang on the wall?

a: yes. that’s a type of weaving you can create, but there’s more to it than a quick find at your local home goods store. weavings can be wearable, placed between the pages of your favorite novel, or even used as a rug – you know, some off the wall stuff. now that you have a general understanding of a few projects you can make and if you are a true beginner interested in getting the chillest introduction to my favorite craft, join me for this beginner weaving workshop.

students will learn:

• how to set-up and use a loom, including the importance of tension

• three to seven basic weaving techniques

• how to plan your first project, including experimenting with color and texture

• clean-up and finishing techniques

supplies (included in ticket price):

• acrylic loom and tools (shed stick, beater, shuttle and tapestry needle)

• seven weaving templates with instructions

• enough yarn to finish your project at home

• canvas tote bag

a variety of yarns and roving will be provided but students should also consider bringing other non-conventional materials (cut up fabric, ribbon, cotton rope, etc.) for a personal touch or exchange.

Tickets are $75 plus taxes and fees

About the instructor:

LaRel Rogers, the founder of relish factory, has traveled across the country to take over 20 introductory workshops (from tapestry weaving to sandal making to woodworking) and wants to diminish any pressure to define yourself as an overnight artist, craft hobbyist, or enthusiast. relish factory’s slogan “no rules factory” means you can pick up and drop a craft as you please. LaRel is a full-time marketing professional at a major global manufacturer and a part-time creator studio coordinator at a local JoAnn Fabrics, overseeing the education department, open studio, events, and community engagement activities.

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