The big picture goal of BioBuggy is to increase the connection that urban residents feel for the living resources in nearby estuaries that they both enjoy and affect. Bradley and Schott seek to accomplish this connection by inviting the public to observe and listen to the small, sessile organisms in the estuary (harbor) with the aid of a mobile microscope, video screen, and hydrophone (underwater) listening device. Once drawn to the cart, a passer-by is invited by estuarine science and art students staffing the device to follow their curiosity about what is in the harbor. The BioBuggy also serves as a scientific platform to collect video data on the biodiversity of the estuary. The data collection function is intended to enhance public engagement and invite their participation in the scientific process. BioBuggy serves as a catalyst for discussions about all kinds of human-nature interactions, such as the effect of stormwater runoff on estuarine life and how these inconspicuous organisms reciprocally enhance the water quality. In May 2022, Bradley, Schott and community partners Friends of Garrett Park (Brooklyn, Maryland), and Middle Branch Imagined (Cherry Hill, MD) were awarded a Chesapeake Bay Trust Mini Grant Award to support programing and extended community engagement in 2022-23. Other key contributors to the project are Charmaine Dahlenburg, Director of Field Conservation, and Langston Gash, Conservation Technician, both at the National Aquarium.   

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