Full Moon Acupuncture
3408 Chestnut Avenue
First Floor
Baltimore, MD 21211

This exhibition showcases the hyper-realism work of Cuong Mike Tran and the abstract/conceptual work of Anya Blakeley. Their different approaches generate a multi-faceted examination of the dehumanizing and oppressive conditions within the criminal legal system as well as the strength and determination of the human spirit to connect and rehabilitate.

The collaboration between Tran and Blakeley began through the Justice Arts Coalition’s pARTner Project (JAC), an initiative that connects incarcerated artists with artists in the free world. Through their interaction, they discovered shared values and a profound sense of relatedness.Their bond goes beyond their individual situations, illustrating the powerful impact of art and human connection.

This exhibition seeks to challenge the prevailing narrative that portrays individuals who have broken the law believed to be subhuman and irredeemable and therefore, deserving of punishment and banished from society. Viewers are invited to examine their own prejudices and preconceived notions about incarcerated individuals and their environment while considering the basic human needs of every human being; the need to be seen, heard, understood and valued, as well as fed and housed in safe and humane conditions.

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