This exhibition will change people’s perception and challenge their notion as to what art is? And what it is that art does to the viewer. The show will explore neo aesthetic in conceptual art that are beyond the canvas, but aims to return art to the pedestal for public consumption. – is this art [c’est l’art]? Because “the judgement of an object should be judged in terms of an external purpose or its place in the environment. But instead, be judge on its own merits, because it is the judgment that takes place with in the mind that insights the imagination into understanding the concept.” It’s the idea and the execution of it, that creates a linear memory that will continue in your mind- therefore its art not because we say so But because of the artist commitment to rethink the status quo, that helps the viewer discover what art could be rather than what art is.

What will be on display is an eclectic mix of styles and mediums that reflect a broad critique of art culture. This is done with non-art things made into something art-like or art-affected components. Either as a deliberate attempt to create very simple pieces that in their relative crudeness, or calculated sense of conceptual and artistic deliberation of purpose.

All subject matter is appropriate for a public, multi-use venue. All artwork is original and is the sole creation of the artists.


Michael Hyman , Susan Washington, Dana Ellyn, Al Code,

At: BUP gallery

7700 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda Md. 20814

The show is free and open to the public, we invite the general public, educators, art collector, and especially student groups.

If you would like more information about this art exhibition, send inquires to

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