C. Grimaldis Gallery is pleased to present Places of Origin, Points of Departure, a solo exhibition of paintings by Cheryl Goldsleger. In an exploration of the inescapable relationship individuals and societies have with place and location, Goldsleger’s intricate topographical paintings offer a unique vantage point for the viewer to understand the myriad forces at play upon the global landscape and its inhabitants.

Meteorologist Edward Lorenz, who coined the term the ‘butterfly effect’ stated, “Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.” Goldsleger’s paintings address these shifts in understanding and thinking about our place in an increasingly smaller, interconnected global society. As socio-economic events and natural phenomena unfold, she visualizes webs of connections in constant states of flux. Although not always apparent or linear, these connections create perceivable links between the positive and negative, the natural and synthetic, and the tranquil and turbulent.

Places of Origin, Points of Departure merges perception with proprioception – an awareness of our body in space. The paintings in this exhibition draw attention to remarkable changes in an evolving landscape, building tension and empathy as multiple perspectives coalesce. Within the compositions of the paintings, Goldsleger weaves together fragments of research, forming layers of accruing marks that must be selectively removed to reveal earlier formations underneath. And as these additions and subtractions build up, the paintings slowly expose a final image packed with visual movement and an understanding of chaotic connectivity.

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