Cliff Banquet​ presents the​ Aimless Game​, a series of playful Instagram challenges posed to the public by Joy Li, Simon Li, Tyler Brunner, and Joyce Liang in effort to retrieve empathy and resist numbness accumulated during the pandemic. These workshops only ask for a continuation of passion since the smallest wave also sends ripples.

Artists post five games on the Instagram homepage and take turns each week. The challenges extend from their artistic practice. Joy Li furthers her exploration of collective experience which has taken a significant role in her works. Through touring the “strange space”on her body, she encourages viewers to re-experience the seemingly familiar and emphasizes sensational sharing with everyone who participates in the game. Similarly, Simon Li brings the audience to an inner exploration of their bodily perception and re-aligns themselves with the physicality by temporarily muting one of the five senses — vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. While the former two focus inwards, Tyler Brunner and Joyce Liang project outwards. Tyler intends to document the aspects of mushroom hunting that are often abstract, sacred, and unspoken — the ways in which the hunter communes with fallen trees, soil, and insects. On the other hand, Joyce challenges the participants to channel the physicality of an object into daily activities such as jumping, speaking, and even intimate interaction. She herself chooses to personify the fragility of ceramic cups, performing interesting interplay with other objects and individuals.

The ​Aimless Game​ aims ahead with “aimless” actions. Inevitably, surges of unfortunate news have flooded social media during the time of the pandemic. People grow duller and duller to the sadness and eventually drown in a swirl of obtuseness. What’s more, the lack of physical interpersonal interaction furtherly extinguishes motivation. While everything postpones or ceases, the activeness in the art world shows otherwise. Art does not come to a standstill because art-making is the default of life to many. These workshops endeavor to involve the public as active respondents to the situation. If playing such aimless games on social media can be an act of countering, any other kinds of “aimless game” can surely aim further.

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