Close Read is a group exhibition featuring newly commissioned work by Akea Brionne Brown, SHAN Wallace, and Savannah Wood.
This exhibition marks the first time that artists have been explicitly invited to work within the AFRO American Newspapers’ archives. Following their individual interests, these artists have produced new work inspired by their research.

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Join the three artists from Close Read for a discussion of their ideas and process, the importance of archives, and how this functioned as a muse for a collective exhibition with moderator Angela N. Carroll.

Brown dissects a pamphlet on urban renewal, redacting the language used to promote its cause to reveal its underlying negative effects. Wallace’s animated photo collages combine her own images with photos from the AFRO archives to celebrate nearly a century of Black women and girls’ play and labor. Wood follows a genealogical trail, connecting the AFRO’s roots back to a former plantation (now a state park) in Montgomery County. The work produced for this show highlights different artistic approaches to archival inquiry, with Baltimore’s Black communities as a common thread.

Close Read is produced by Savannah Wood and the AFRO American Newspapers. This project is supported by a grant from the Grit Fund. Additional funding was provided by the Awesome Foundation and Afro Charities.

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Add to Calendar 20200923 America/New_York 2519 North Charles Street Baltimore MD Close Read: Artist Talk with Savannah Wood, Akea Brown, SHAN Wallace, and Angela N. Carroll