Online Series Premiere: June 10, 2021

Collector’s View 2021: Artful Appetites is Transformer’s 14th iteration of our annual Collector’s View Series that highlights diverse groups of prominent contemporary art collectors, unique and dynamic private art collections, and insightful collector viewpoints on the artists and artworks that inspire them. Each year, Collector’s View provides audience participants with intimate, insider perspectives on the motivations, interests, and passions of our collector Hosts, special Views of the artwork they collect, and reflections on their relationship with artists, galleries, art spaces, and museums.

This year we are excited to present twelve video ‘Views’ highlighting the intersection of art, food, and design. Through this year’s special series of interviews and conversations conducted by Transformer throughout the month of May, Collector’s View 2021: Artful Appetiteshighlights the significant connection between food and visual art – two vital, creative industries that nurture and inspire people!

Curated by Transformer’s Executive & Artistic Director Victoria Reis, with production by Transformer staff, each video ‘View’ is as unique as our collector Hosts.

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