Color Outside the Lines

“Color Outside the Lines” is an engaging and interactive art exhibit that invites you to explore the world of coloring in a whole new way. Featuring images from Naomi Winston‘s renowned coloring book collection, The Creative Representation Empire, this event encourages you to unleash your creativity and color outside the lines.

Join us at “Color Outside the Lines” and rediscover the joy of coloring while pushing the boundaries of your imagination. Mark your calendars, bring your friends and family, and let’s create art together!

Note: All ages are welcome, and kids are encouraged to participate. Paints, markers, paint brushes, aprons and coloring sheets will be provided.

Doors open at 6PM and announcements start at 7PM.

Stay Connected:

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Event Highlights:

Paint and Markers: Bring your imagination (we have everything else) to life as you recreate coloring book pages with paint and markers. Embrace the freedom to express yourself and add your unique touch to each piece.

Celebrating a Milestone: Join us in celebrating the 3-year anniversary of Naomi’s groundbreaking coloring book, “Black Women are the Future.” It’s a testament to the power of art in telling meaningful stories.

Introduction to TCRE: This event serves as the Baltimore community’s introduction to The Creative Representation Empire. Discover the mission, vision, and impact of TCRE through engaging exhibits and informative discussions.

Merchandise Table: Explore a merchandise table where you can purchase coloring books, exclusive merchandise, and more at discounted rates!

Informational Station: Have questions or want to learn more about TCRE? Visit our informational station, where our team will be happy to share insights and connect with you.

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