Join our Community Arts Liaison Ari Pluznik as he chats with creatives around the world to understand how COVID-19 is affecting communities abroad. Hear how artists, musicians, educators, health workers, and others are using creativity to stay connected, uplifted, and educated during the time of the virus.

Interviews Coming Up:
MON MAY 11 | 7PM | Instagram Live
Bella Lee | Seoul, South Korea
Baltimore born-and-bred Seoul transplant and regular of the city’s bustling Hongdae arts district.

Past Interviews:
MON APR 27 | 11AM | Instagram Live
Jan Merola & Paulina Díaz Lillo | Santiago, Chile

MON MAY 4 | 11AM | Instagram Live
Natasha Kelly | Germany
Prolific author, artist, director, and filmmaker based in Germany.

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