CULTIVATE is pleased to present a conversation with artist Susan Trangmar and fellow members of Sensingsite on Sunday, January 23 at 12 PM EST. Sensingsite is an art practice-based research collective developing arts-based responses to the political, material, and sensory natures of site, place, and space. It takes critical, experimental, and improvisational approaches to research methodologies, with a particular interest in non-linear and collaborative ways of knowing. They will discuss their history as a landscape inquiry platform and their current activities on Mersea Island since the writing of Mer -is-land-is- Sea, a short essay on their collective exploration written by Trangmar for the publication Entwinings, Mersea Island lies between the Blackwater and Colne Rivers in Essex, England.

About Susan Trangmar: Susan Trangmar is an artist interested in practices of place, the material formations of site and the relation between human and non-human forms of habitation. Her work explores how place comes into being, as part of a context of daily life encounters. The images, texts and objects made reflect upon one another such that place becomes open to processes of continual revision and change.

About Sensingsite: Sensingsite has been working since 2012, initially based in an academic context but since 2020 as an independent group. For information on their activities see

About CULTIVATECultivate is an evolving collection of interdisciplinary artists, writers, and researchers driven by investigations of landscape, place, and the commons. Projects include experimental and practical art explorations that wrestle with the qualities, perceptions, and layers of experience that inform and expand notions of landscape. Ideas from a full spectrum of voices across generations are supported using sustainable tactics. From the hyper-local to the global, Cultivate reflects individual and collective curiosity, intention, imagining, and engagement with the phenomena of landscape.

Location: Shifting virtual and analog locations in watersheds around the globe with physical bases in the Washington, D. C. metro area, Montana, and Italy.

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For information or images, please contact Susan Main at 301-943-4190 or [email protected].

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