Name: Diego Montoya

In my art, I’ve explored different versions of myself over the past three years. Each piece within this collection serves as a window into different moments of my life, offering varying perspectives on who I am. The concept of “Still Unemployed” symbolizes my personal growth, reflecting the complexities of identity. Despite not having a conventional job, the volume of work produced demonstrates my dedication to creativity. These pieces carry an undertone of irony, challenging societal norms. Despite this, they stand as a testament to resilience and self-discovery. Through my art, I encourage viewers to reflect on their own journey of self-discovery and embrace personal introspection.


The 26-year-old artist born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, with a multicultural background – his mother is Chilean and his father is Peruvian, both immigrants.Explaining his art can be challenging, as it is a reflection of his life experiences, inner
thoughts, memories, and emotional journey. Unable to articulate these complexities with
words alone, he expresses them through vibrant colors and imagery. Raised in a creatively stimulating environment by parents who encouraged artistic exploration, he
pursued art wholeheartedly after high school. Though his primary focus is painting with
acrylics, he embraces various mediums including clothing design, sculpture, digital art,
and woodworking. If it allows for creativity, he eagerly dives in continually exploring new avenues of expression.

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