Donald Edwards: Accumulation.

Exhibition runs July 1 – August 28, 2022

OPENING RECEPTION Friday, July 1, 4-7pm
ARTIST RECEPTION Sunday, July 17, 1-3pm
FIRST FRIDAY RECEPTION Friday, August 5, 4-7pm
ARTIST RECEPTION Sunday, August 21, 1-3pm

Donald Edwards: Accumulation.

Donald Edwards works are executed in mixed media to explore form, shape, composition and structured transformations of trash and recycled materials. His work focuses primarily on how consumerism impacts the environment and the sustainability of trash. Instead of adding to the waste stream Donald intentionally makes things out of discarded items in an attempt to keep things from being added to landfills and dumps, to remove trash that either breaks down into harmful bits like plastics and to avoid adding trash to the waterway. This not a perfect solution and sometimes he uses things that some people would consider not environmentally friendly. Choices  to use new or chemical based adjunctive materials have been carefully considered. When he does use things like spray foam, glue, or paint they with purpose sparingly.

These choices are similar to the ones we all make living in the world today. Some people care about their impact on the planet more than others, recycle, avoid single use plastics, buy thrifted clothes and furniture, grown their own food or walk instead of using a car. We all make choices about the way we live our lives and the mark we will leave on the place we live. Using things that would have been trash has been a theme in Donald’s work for a long time and has evolved from collage to sculptural paintings to 3-D sculptures.

Artist Biography

Donald Edwards, grew up in Provincetown, MA, and is currently an arts educator working for Baltimore city public schools. Donald set out to study Illustration at Massachusetts College of Art but changed his major to fine art 2-D after 2.5 years. He works in layers of either paint, plaster, found junk, epoxies, and whatever else presents itself.  Donald draws inspiration from the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean and the crazy throw-away culture we live in. Fast fashion, plastic and our global habits have heavily influenced his newer work. After having children, the desire to use less caustic materials became a part of his journey and eventually became the wrapped conglomerate sculptures that he creates now. Using his kids’ old toys, free boxes of left-over yard sales, stuff he has found in the gutter and on the side of the road became a point to pursue after living in Baltimore. No piece of work is singular to itself and various bits from other projects are recycled into the next piece. Everything Donald creates is connected to the art he has made before.

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