FRIDAY JULY 15, 2021 Baker Music Artist Awardee Von Vargas shares that the mandatory quarantine and alterations of “normal” life during the COVID-19 pandemic wore on him emotionally and creatively, as a music artist and producer. However, he also describes the time of isolation as “refreshing in some aspects.” Von says, “It gave me time to explore an additional way to express myself creatively” and inspired him to pull on the inspiration that was normally used for writing a new song or creating a new sound and found himself able to use it to develop fashion designs and clothing concepts.

The time of isolation and serenity also created an environment that allowed Von to better educate himself in the field of fashion, which included the completion of a year-long Streetwear Essentials Program and co-hort through Parsons School of Design, Complex, and Yellowbrick Edu. “This was a way for me to hone in on my new improved vision for moving forward, intersecting music and fashion.”

After completing the Streetwear Program, Von is now better prepared to launch his streetwear brand: Pastels Goods & Co.™️, which has been years in the making. Von recalls the days, weeks, and months set over the years developing fashion shows and only being able to dream of the day when he would have his own clothing line, but now he is preparing for his brand’s “Kick-Off Launch” event.

The event will introduce a Limited Capsule Release entitled, “drop:10eleven,” which represents October the 11th, the day that Von was born. The capsule consists of t-shirts (3 colorways and 4 design concepts with men and women silhouettes), beach shorts (2 colorways), and trucker headwear. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase items from the exclusive collection, while enjoying a few summer sweet treats and a social atmosphere featuring previews of a few new songs from Von’s forthcoming album, “My Hop-A-Pella Con-certo,” a full-length musical a cappella album that extends the boundaries of what has become commonplace in Hip Hop.

Pastels Goods & Co.™️ Streetwear Launch will be Saturday, July 24, 2021 from 4pm to 7pm at Gallery CA, Baltimore, Maryland. RSVP at For More information on Von Vargas or to request EPK send an email to or visit

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