The definition of convergent is “coming closer together, especially in characteristics or ideas.” Such describes this mother and daughter in terms of their aesthetic ideals, work ethic and philosophies – as well as their eventual residency at Artists Housing Inc. in Baltimore.

Nonetheless, each artist has her individually unique style which demonstrates interesting juxtapositions of graceful figurative fragility with harder-edged industrial weightiness.

Emily Lamb, an instructor at Baltimore Clayworks, merges handblown glass with ceramic into a seamless whole that defies the natures of each normally incompatible material. With glass representing psychological phenomenon and clay the physical matter, her work is ethereal, refined and ultimately beautiful. Learn more at www://
Michelle Lamb, an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, utilizes found objects or deconstructs  obsolete machinery for her sculptures. Her upcycling involves heavy machining and manipulation which she assembles into curious and oftentimes eerie narratives, or into totem-like powerful compositions that beg the viewer to solve the puzzle of identifying its elements. Learn more at

Both artists are members of Artists Housing Inc. and welcome visitors to make appointments to view and discuss their works.

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