Baltimore Rock Opera Society presents Good Job! with AK & Dirty, the online game show where we give out GJs (Good Jobs) but no BJs (Bad Jobs)! BROS loves our supporting members, and usually, we like to show them how much they’re appreciated with a big annual Member’s Party, but things are a little tricky this year for…some reason. We forget. Instead, we’re very excited to present our first ever interactive game show experience!

As a contestant you’ll be invited to a video call and presented with a fun menagerie of games such as trivia, physical challenges, and some surprises we’ve made up just for the occasion. You’ll be competing not only against the other players, but also fighting for your hosts AK & Dirty as a member of either Team Minotaur or Team Pegacorn. The ultimate winners will receive prizes, the host of the losing team will suffer the consequences!

If you’re a BROS Supporting Member of any level or a Rock Operative, you’re invited to be a contestant on Good Job! If you want to participate, register for your ticket using a special code or link that you’ll receive in a separate email from us. All participants MUST register this way so that we’ll know how many contestants will be playing and also so that you can receive exclusive information such as the link for the video call. If you have any questions about this process, please email [email protected].

All BROS volunteers are invited to join our audience to watch the fun for free on YouTube, as well in the judging of certain games via an online poll, because democracy is a Good Job! If you’re neither a Supporting Member, Rock Operative, or volunteer, you can still join to watch the shenanigans for only $5!

Let’s all get together and give out some GJs (no BJs)!

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