Eubie Blake Cultural Center
847 N. Howard St. Baltimore, MD

Currently on View

Closing Exhibition Thurs. Feb. 29th, 2024, 4PM-8PM

@ Houseofmarkwest

The Heaven is in Baltimore is a divine experience featuring Black Gods, Ancestors, and Deities with Baltimore as the backdrop. You do not want to miss this show!

If you would like to schedule a private tour, please use the Booking LINK or email/[email protected] 443-282-7013 to request a viewing.


“My art is an immersive experience. I create full scenes designed to help the viewer escape reality or to inspire them out of depression. I base my content on my research as a historian, my travels around the world and life in Baltimore, and biblical stories.

Stylistically, I generally paint jet black people in humanistic dramatic settings. Some may think of blackface when they see my art, but blackface was actually inspired by African art extending 3000 years ago, found in ancient Egyptian and Kushite pyramid art. My work is a reclamation of ancient African art. Most of the history is erased so I repaint those characters in powerful and meaningful depictions

to pay homage to ancestral African and in process, create new stories. I take black subjects and transmute them through a process I call Afro-reverence. The ultimate goal is to elevate what
black means. Black is also my favorite color because no matter what color you mix with black, the color will still be black making it more powerful than the other colors. Black is the color of carbon, which is the foundation of life, and black is a color of luxury, that is why I like painting jet, black people.”

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