Over a year into her musical tabla (Indian percussion instrument) journey, Anushka is excited to create a cozy communal space for performances in her home. These performances center curiosity, openness, fearlessness, flow, spontaneity, and respect. Please only RSVP if you can embrace a ‘learning mindset’ — we have no room for ‘unrealistic perfectionism.’ As part of the series, Anushka will collaborate with talented artists and explore new themes each month.

June 24: In celebration of the release of their new album ASHES, Santana Sankofa is on tour! They bring to life the themes of resistance, proud trans/queer love, and global liberation movements they explored on the album. Together Santana and Anushka will put on an unforgettable performance leaving guests with an unshakeable feeling that the fight isn’t over and we just might win.

Santana Sankofa (they/them) is a queer Afro-Caribbean artist, educator, and organizer born and raised in LA, based in Baltimore with roots in NY. Their art and activism centers on disrupting faith-based, political, and academic institutions; creating programs to activate youth; and empowering trans + queer people through the sounds and spaces they cultivate. Santana explores themes of justice, intimacy and transforming fear into freedom in their newest album ASHES. Visit their website: santanasankofa.com and keep up with Santana on IG/TikTok: @santanasankofa!

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Note: People are encouraged to show up as authentically as they can and participate as they feel comfortable. Typically, people enjoy interacting throughout the performance and we care about creating a low-stakes environment. We’ll start and end with an optional short collective check-in and check-out.

Logistics: Please arrive between 5.45-5.50pm because she will need to stand at the entrance to let people in. There’s no other way to let folks in – so you don’t want to come late as once she begins her performance, she will not be able to let you in.

Accessibility: Her apartment is on the 2nd floor and can only be reached using stairs. No elevator or ramp in the building – really sorry about that. But do let her know if there’s any way she can individually support.

Attendance: Please register only if you know you can commit to coming on this date. It would be really uncool if people just reserved a spot and didn’t show up last minute. She understands if there’s an emergency due to many reasons like health conditions, etc. but outside of that, please be mindful and considerate of not wasting a spot!

Time: June 24, Saturday | 6.00 to 7.30pm EST

Address: Saint Paul St, Baltimore, 21202. Keep an eye out for an email from Anushka with the performance closer to performance date.

Contact: 443.447.7333 | anushkajajodia@gmail.com | IG: @anujojo

Accepting token of appreciation <3 (Venmo: @Anushka-Jajodia)

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