The Nicholson Project is proud to present WAYFARING, a solo exhibition by Hoesy Corona. On view from January 20th through March 12th, 2022, the exhibition will debut new large-scale prints on fabric and a series of mixed media sculptures created during the artist’s residency at The Nicholson Project in 2021. The sculptural works are part of a new series entitled The Plant People, a fictitious group of otherworldly humans who see themselves as stewards of the earth. In WAYFARING the audience plays the role of voyeur to unidentified people as they struggle and make their way over, across, and through desolate and imagined environments occupied by lone figures wearing colorful bodysuits, carrying suitcases, and in forward motion. The lone figures are seen crossing both natural and man-made borders against impending waterways, cliffs, edges, and walls that allude to the possibility of an unspecified threat.

WAYFARING considers the artificiality of man-made borders and the need to reconsider how we relate to the earth in the face of manmade natural disasters. The textile works are part of the series Climate Immigrants (2017-present)— an ongoing performance that expands upon issues of immigration by implicating everyone and not just a select group, addressing one of the most pressing topics of our time: climate-triggered immigration in relation to US-centric xenophobia. WAYFARING continues the artist’s interest in fabulating and remixing mythologies to protest our waged war on nature.

This exhibition is a companion to Corona’s exhibition Weathering, on view at The Kreeger Museum from December 2021 through February 2022.

About Hoesy Corona:
Hoesy Corona is an uncategorized queer Latinx artist of Mexican descent living and working in the United States. Using a variety of media spanning installation, performance, and video, Hoesy develops otherworldly narratives centering marginalized individuals in society that investigates what it means to be a queer Latinx immigrant in a place where there are few. He choreographs large-scale performances and installations that oftentimes silently confront and delight viewers with some of the most pressing issues of our time. Reoccurring themes of queerness, race/class/gender, nature, isolation, celebration, and the climate crisis are present throughout his work. Hoesy has exhibited widely in galleries, museums, and public spaces in the United States and abroad including recent solo exhibitions Weathering (2021) at The Kreeger Museum in Washington, DC, Earthly Mirage (2021) at the Hardesty Arts Center in Tulsa, OK, Sunset Moonlight (2021) at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD, and Alien Nation (2017), a large scale performance at The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC. He has lived in Mexico, Utah, and Wisconsin, before moving to Baltimore, MD in 2005 to establish a professional practice in the arts. Hoesy is a recent artist in residence at The Nicholson Project (2021) in Washington, DC, and is a former GKFF Artist Fellow (2019 & 2020) in Tulsa, OK, and a Halcyon Arts Lab Fellow (2017-2018) in Washington, DC. He has been awarded numerous recognitions among them a Municipal Art Society of Baltimore Artist Travel Prize, a Ruby’s Artist Grant, and a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award. In 2021 he was the recipient of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s MAP Fund Grant 2021-2023. Hoesy currently lives and works in Baltimore. MD where he is a current resident artist at The Creative Alliance.

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