As part of the Creative Alliance’s monthly Filmmaker’s Lounge, 13 episodes of Horse Head: Season Zero will screen on February 5 at 7 pm, a Baltimore Premiere.

Horse Head: Season Zero is an art film masquerading as a science fiction narrative web series with a bit of flamboyant/queer/burlesque excess thrown in for good measure. The Horse Head character is a body/gender-fluid, super-intelligent, hedonist who always wears a latex Horse Head mask. The narrative features two queer couples getting their lives turned upside-down by the arrival of Horse Head as they explore trans-human lifestyles.

Horse Head creator and Baltimore native Rob Parrish, is a Arlington, VA-based award-winning filmmaker; His previous online project, Next To Heaven ( was called “brilliantly bizarre” by The Guardian newspaper and “fascinating and addictive” by film-writer and super-star podcaster, Karina Longworth. See, for more Next To Heaven press.

To cast the project, Parrish, with producer Chris Griffin, looked to the thriving burlesque community in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. “Chris was a part of the burlesque and underground theatre scenes, so he was able to bring a lot of very talented weirdos into the Horse Head fold. Plus we were working with zero budget, so burlesquers brought their own sparkly costumes (Bonus!). Baltimore Variety Players Charlie Artful and Jim Dandy have key roles in Horse Head – and both get a little naked in the great Baltimore Burlesque Tradition!

Griffin said of the Creative Alliance event, “It’s always exciting to get to visit and present work in Baltimore. And Horse Head and Baltimore are a great fit, both are beautiful and weird.” Parrish concurred, “Growing up in a Baltimore suburb – Essex – my theater teacher always warned us against auditioning for John Waters, too weird for her. But, in the fullness of time he became a major influence in my work. So, it’s exciting to be screening at The Patterson where Mr. Waters actually did some filming!” (2000’s Cecil B DeMented)

Horse Head: Season Zero is releasing 52 weekly episodes through September of 2020 at as a public workshopping of the material. Horse Head will eventually become a long short film or perhaps a feature film.

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