Join us for the socially distant, outdoor projection display.

In All Transparency is a socially engaged project that focuses on getting out the vote during the pandemic, the history of voting rights, racial oppression in voting, and the United States Postal Service. The USPS has become a nexus for these issues leading up to the general election in 2020. Through the open call, artists and activist will create mail art, shedding light on various aspects of these histories and our current moment. The artists will use translucent materials to create mail art that will be sent in vellum envelopes; when displayed on a light table, the envelopes will make transparent the various messages and perspectives of the makers. The documented mail art messages will be projected large scale in a loop outside Gallery CA and read by people passing by as we approach the general election. Once documented the mail art will then be sent to a person of the makers choosing to encourage voter participation and demand fair elections. These luminous messages might be sent to a targeted voter in Ohio or Florida, a family member or politician. In All Transparency engages with the history of mail art during this time of physical isolation and social solidarity.

In All Transparency is a projected created a curated by artist Diane Kuthy.

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