Open from April 3 – May 22, 2021

Artist reception will be held April 10th from 5:00pm – 8:00pm with sign-up required. Please visit this link to reserve your spot.
The Main Gallery will host (in)Touch: Connectivity Through Clay from the ceramic artists along the Rt.1 Corridor in Washington, DC and Maryland. “We are connected by our literal common ground, but also by our rootedness in this community. We use each other’s pots. We critique each other’s work. We have helped build each other’s studios. Our works, from sculpture to functional pottery, are widely varied, but find connection beneath the surface in subtle and surprising ways. Clay’s ability to record touch and transmit impulse from maker to user, is a common fascination among us. Forced separation due to the pandemic makes the generative nature of touch and connection more important than ever. We’re grounded by the act of making, and sharing thoughts, ideas, and objects. We are grateful for the conversations and collaboration this exhibition has generated, and we look forward to opening them up to you.”

Featured Artists: Katie Aldworth & Francisco Rosario, Margaret Boozer, Sam Briegel, Connor Czora, David DaSilva, Gayle Friedman, Chad Gunderson, Joe Hicks, Ara Koh, Alison Kysia, Tamara Laird, Liz Lescault, Kirsty Little, Liz Lockett, Laurel Lukaszewski, Louisa Neill, Rayna Pazmino, Andre Pellerin, Pegah Shahghasemi & Lisa Ramber, Megan Van Wagoner, Julia Walther, Emily Rose Wright and Anya Zmudzka

Our Community Arts Gallery will feature Clay, Community and Creativity: How We Survived the Pandemic from Glen Echo Pottery that “has always taken great pride in the strength and spirit of our student and volunteer community. In a normal year, we have about 185 students each session, and many enroll ‘year-round.’ With the onset of the pandemic, we instinctively knew we had the consensus of our community to dramatically reimagine our facilities and programs such that we could safely re-open our doors to accommodate almost all our students who felt comfortable attending on-site. Perhaps the most critical ingredient to our re-opening was the trust we had that each and every one of us would carefully follow the strict protocols to ensure our collective safety. And for those who could not rejoin in-person, we created virtual peer-exchanges so that everyone could stay connected, both to their clay and to their clay colleagues. One thing we noted early-on: the dramatic shake-up of our lives during the pandemic would challenge but not diminish our creativity in clay. On the contrary, the isolation and limitations of movement spurred experimentation and new directions. This collection of works by Glen Echo Pottery artists features vessels which are essential to the rooms, rhythms and rituals of life. From a collection of comfortable cups to elegant table settings to architectural vases and boxes, they showcase the talent and tenacity of our artist community.”

Featured Artists: Elka Adamowicz, Jennifer Azzariti, Anne Bowen, Cynthia Deitch, David Epstein, Linda Epstein, Christine Goh, Eun Kyumg Han, Dee Harris, Ken Kaufman, Kira Kibler, Jeff Kirk, Peter Kosa, Julie Maltzman, Seika Nakayama, Cathie Polak, Michael Poness, Marsha Slater, Dominicus So, Jean Wrathall

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