Baltimore-based artist Jackie Milad’s large-scale pieces, often featuring bright colors and bold lines on paper, canvas, and textiles, explore the complex relationship between the individual and the long arc of history and cultural heritage. The artist asks, “How are we shaped by narratives of belonging?” In the center of this exploration is the contrast between the short-lived human life and her physical impermanence and the grander symbolism elevating our existence: eyes, hearts, pyramids, and sarcophagi in Milad’s whimsical hand. In layer after layer of her exuberant work, Milad uses references to her identity as a Honduran-Egyptian-American woman. Each layer then becomes entry points into Milad’s retelling of human history.

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Add to Calendar 20221113 America/New_York 106 South Street Easton MD Jackie Milad: Vestige (أثر)